Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The tree

On the way past the Radley’s house I found a piece of gum in a hole in a tree. When I went home and told Jem about it, he made me spit it out. Now it has been a 2 weeks from then. We have found yarn, pennies, a knife, a watch, and soap dolls. The soap dolls look like us so whoever is leaving these items knows Jem and I. We decided to write a thank you letter to the person for all of the gifts. Yesterday when we were walking to school, we saw Nathan Radley filling the hole with cement. He told us the tree was dieing and this would help it stay alive. Atticus told us that the tree looked healthy so I don’t know why Mr. Radley would do it. I think Mr. Radley is trying to stop the person from giving us these objects.

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