Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Halloween Surprise

On Halloween, the people of Maycomb try to keep the children from doing mischief. This year there was a party and a play at the high school. The play was an agricultural pageant. Everyone was dressed as a food and I was the ham. The costume was hard to get in and out of. I by accidentally missed my entrance and I was so embarrassed. That’s why I made Jem wait to leave, so nobody would see me. When we left it was so dark I couldn’t see in front of myself. All of a sudden, Jem said to be quiet and stop walking. I was confused but Jem said he heard somebody following us. I didn’t hear it at first but then I heard footsteps coming towards us. Suddenly, I was grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground. I couldn’t get up because of the ham costume but I heard Jem fighting with the person and hollering for me the run. Then I heard someone coughing and before I knew it he was carrying Jem home. I will write back when I learn more.

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