Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I ran right home after that man left with Jem. Atticus was on the phone with Heck Tate and Aunt Alexandra was getting Dr. Reynolds to look at Jem. I asked the doctor if Jem was dead and he said Jem was only unconscious. When Heck Tate came he asked me to tell him what happened. I told him and I asked who brought Jem home and he said Boo. After two years I finally saw Boo. Too bad Jem wasn’t awake to see him too. Heck Tate also said that it was Bob Ewell that attacked us and that he was dead.

The Halloween Surprise

On Halloween, the people of Maycomb try to keep the children from doing mischief. This year there was a party and a play at the high school. The play was an agricultural pageant. Everyone was dressed as a food and I was the ham. The costume was hard to get in and out of. I by accidentally missed my entrance and I was so embarrassed. That’s why I made Jem wait to leave, so nobody would see me. When we left it was so dark I couldn’t see in front of myself. All of a sudden, Jem said to be quiet and stop walking. I was confused but Jem said he heard somebody following us. I didn’t hear it at first but then I heard footsteps coming towards us. Suddenly, I was grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground. I couldn’t get up because of the ham costume but I heard Jem fighting with the person and hollering for me the run. Then I heard someone coughing and before I knew it he was carrying Jem home. I will write back when I learn more.

We lost?!?!?!?!

After what seemed like 5 hours the jury came back in to the room to tell their decision. Atticus lost the case! I don’t see how this is possible. I was sure that we would win. I still don’t know what rape is but I know that Tom Robinson didn’t rape Mayella. Just because Tom Robinson is black I guess the jury already thought that he was guilty. This is not fair! Atticus said that there will be an appeal which we will have a better chance in winning.

The trial

Today is the day that Atticus will defend Tom Robinson. The whole neighborhood was passing our house to get to the courthouse. It appeared that only Aunt Alexandra, Miss Maudie, Jem, and I were not going. We were not allowed to go, but after Atticus left we snuck out of the house and met Dill. When we got there, everyone was sitting outside waiting to go in. There were even people who traveled to see the case! When the doors opened, we waited so nobody could see us and then slip in the back but that didn’t work. All the seats were filled so we went up in the balcony with Reverend Sykes. First, Atticus questioned Mr. Heck Tate, the police officer for Maycomb. I guess Atticus knew what he was doing but I didn’t know why he was asking those questions. Then he questioned Bob Ewell and Mayella. Mayella kept changing her story but by the end she got really mad and started to scream. Atticus questioned Tom Robinson last. It seems to me that Tom Robinson is innocent and there is no possible way the jury won’t see that. Right now we’re waiting for the jury to come back. I will write back when we hear the verdict.

The visitor

When I came home from school one day, sitting on the porch was Aunt Alexandra. Once Atticus came home he told me that his sister would be living with us for a while. My aunt never says anything nice to me. She comments that girls should not wear overalls but dresses all the time. I don’t like her living here. I don’t need another motherly figure in this house I already have Calpurnia.

The tree

On the way past the Radley’s house I found a piece of gum in a hole in a tree. When I went home and told Jem about it, he made me spit it out. Now it has been a 2 weeks from then. We have found yarn, pennies, a knife, a watch, and soap dolls. The soap dolls look like us so whoever is leaving these items knows Jem and I. We decided to write a thank you letter to the person for all of the gifts. Yesterday when we were walking to school, we saw Nathan Radley filling the hole with cement. He told us the tree was dieing and this would help it stay alive. Atticus told us that the tree looked healthy so I don’t know why Mr. Radley would do it. I think Mr. Radley is trying to stop the person from giving us these objects.


Today the most incredible thing happened in Maycomb, it snowed! Jem and I have never seen anything so white but so cold when touched. We didn’t have school today. Instead we both decided to make a snowman but it ended up looking like Mr. Avery. That is why we used Miss Maudie’s hat and gardening tools. There was not enough snow so we used some dirt. Jem and I also took some snow from Miss Maudie. Hopefully it doesn’t melt tonight.

Tom Robinson

Atticus has just taken his new case. He has defended many people before but this one is suppose to be different. Mayella Ewell has claimed that a black man has raped her. Atticus is defending Tom Robinson, the accused rapist. Some people are acting weird about this case and I don’t know why. Cecil Jacobs told me “Scout Finch’s daddy defends niggers.” I don’t know what that means but I’m going to ask Atticus right now.


Over this summer Jem, my brother, and I met a boy named Charles Baker Harris but we call him Dill. He is staying with our neighbor Miss Rachel for the summer. He is one year older then me but I can still read better then him. Everyday we put on plays like Tarzan. Last week Dill became very interested in Boo Radley who hasn’t left his house in 15 years. Dill and Jem are now coming up with a plan to get Mr. Radley to leave his house. I don’t think it is a good idea because he was suppose to have stabbed his father in the leg. If he did that to his own dad I don’t want to know what he will do to us.

First Grade

Today I started the first grade and met my new teacher Miss Caroline. The day started out all wrong. I got in trouble twice! The first time Miss Caroline talked to me I got into trouble. I already knew how to read and write and apparently that is not a good thing. She told me not to read with Atticus anymore. When it was time for lunch, our teacher wanted to give Walter a quarter for lunch but obviously he didn’t take it because he is a Cunningham. She didn’t understand because she was new to Maycomb. I told her that he is so poor that tomorrow he could not pay her back. I guess she didn’t like that answer because I got in trouble again. I hope tomorrow it won’t be as bad.